World Field Target Championships 2013: Competition – Day 2

Team Wild TV Team Wild TV

Date: in Academy

Welcome to part five of Team Wild TV’s informative seven part series on the WFTF World Championship of 2013, held in Ebern, Germany. This evening we are bringing you day two on the field and tension is high. Despite the nice weather, the leader board is closing in. Today is the day that makes or breaks shooters says John Costello, so watch along to see not only how he fairs on the course but the other contestants as well. Dropping shots and gaining leads, it’s an intense day throughout and Team Wild is bringing you up close and personal coverage of an emotional time in the shooters’ careers.

Also, what is it about Andy Calpin that has the field target world so enamoured? Find out why so many shooters admire, look up to and envy this world-renowned competitor.


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