Duck and Goose Calling – A Potted History

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Team Wild Experts, Matt Kirk and Nick Horten of MPK Custom Calls talk us through the history of Duck and Goose calling and where it is now heading.

The art of using sound to attract a quarry species – calling – is as old as hunting itself and it’s origins are lost in the ancient mists of time.

The earliest hunters almost certainly used their own mouths to make the desired sound and mouth calling is still practiced today for many quarry species in many parts of the world. One of the main issues with mouth calling, as problematic today as it was 100,000 years ago, is that it is difficult to obtain much volume which is why, across the milennia, a whole raft of mechanical devices – calls – have been developed.

Skipping lightly across all of human history lets take a brief look at where one branch of calling, for ducks and geese, stands today.


Man has hunted waterfowl with net, slingshot, throwing stick and bow since Adam was a boy but, it isn’t until we reach the early 1600`s that wildfowling, hunting duck and geese with a gun, (“waterfowling” to our American cousins) became viable. It must be said at this point that duck and goose calling as we know it today is exclusively an American development which has no historical British counterpart.

Ingenious American sportsmen developed duck calls as far back as the 1850`s with the first being patented in 1870, and, by 1890 the Reelfoot Lake Style Call upon which all modern duck calls are based, first reached an eager market.

Duck and goose calling has long been a part of the U.S. hunting scene but surprisingly, when you consider how effective it can be, it has been slow to take off in the UK.

But that’s all about to change!

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With the recent easy availability of beautiful looking, hand made and hand tuned great sounding calls from MPK Custom Calls you too can now add another highly effective tool to your duck and goose hunting arsenal.

You will, however need to remember that a call is like a gun in that it’s only as good as the person behind it. A call is a musical instrument, albeit a simple one, and you simply cannot pick it up and expect to master it the first time you blow into it.

For the first time in the U.K, MPK Custom Calls offers a tuition service specifically designed to reduce the time you take from producing the first party horn like squawk on your new call to sounding like the real thing, from weeks, sometimes months, to a few hours – in some cases minutes.

Millions of American waterfowlers are hooked on calling because they know it works.

There’s no reason now why the U.K. and European wildfowler should lag behind.

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Why not give duck and goose calling a try? Once mastered you’ll wonder how you ever visited the foreshore without a decent call on a lanyard around your neck!

To find out more information on MPK Custom Calls and the range of products available, please visit:

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