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 Team Wild Expert and Young Gun Callum Burns talks us through how it is to be a first time beater and what is has taught him.

Being a young beater can be a very daunting challenge. I remember my first day beating, I was so scared of messing up, going out of line and all mainly due to the fact that I had never done this before. We walked to the first drive after having a quick briefing from the keeper and we all lined out looking across the moors for signs of movement or any birds flighting.

There is also the tricky challenge all beaters face, which is never easy! Trekking through woodlands, climbing the hills and not forgetting the shouting when necessary which ensures that as many birds are in the air as possible.


If I could pass on any tips for any other Young Guns, they would be; if you stay in line with all of the other beaters and follow the gamekeepers commands, you’ll be just fine. Also, remember that once the gamekeeper blows a horn or whistle it is either to start or end the drive – that’s a rather crucial bit of information.

Seeing the birds in flight, the shooters taking aim and most of all when the shooters fire, all adds to the excitement of the day.

Another great experience involved with beating, is that you get to meet people of different ages and backgrounds, so take advantage of their knowledge and experiences. You also get to share stories and opinions about the sport, which opened my eyes to what a huge industry this is.

Pheasant in flight

If you have never been being beating before I’m sure that many beaters across the world will say that it’s an amazing experience and you get a great ‘buzz’ from it. Once you are used to the rules, the noise and the hard work, I’m sure you’ll be a great asset to any gamekeeper.


Overall I think it’s a great experience for anybody interested in shooting. After all of your hard work, effort and concentration you’ve put into the drives, you get paid, which is possibly the best feeling ever!

This is something that I have been taught well through life, if you work hard, you will be rewarded.



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