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Now that 2015 is well under way its time to start thinking about your hunting plans for the year. Well here at Team Wild our team of experts want to give you some tips on how to make 2015 the best hunting year ever. 

Callum Burns – Young Gun:

“Life is rare shoot with care, aim for the head and it should be dead, the gun is not to blame it’s all about your aim.”

Callum 2


Keith Anderson:

“Always remember that the hard work begins after you have pulled the trigger. Even on small game such as rabbits and pigeons, when you have big numbers they take a while to dress out and prepare for the table. When deer stalking, consider where your animal will end up after it is shot as it has to be retrievable, and once again, 2 or 3 deer (even small species) will take a while to dress out and butcher. If you’re not prepared to put in the effort once you have harvested your quarry, don’t pull the trigger. To ensure the preservation and enjoyment of our sport, it is essential that we employ sustainable hunting methods.”



Jonathan Scott:

“Try to keep fit. Even a small amount of fitness means recovery time lessens after a climb or walk. It’s even more important in keeping your heart rate down when that crucial shot is required.”

Jonathan scott 2

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