Top 10 Tips for Roebuck Stalking | Keith Watson

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Team Wild TV expert Keith Watson gives us his 10 top tips for stalking Roebuck.

  1. As the Roebuck season begins, the social status of any bucks start to become apparent, with fraying and scrapes taking place throughout the woods. My advice is to get on any yearling buck, as soon as possible before they are pushed out.
  2. If your ground has the potential to produce medal quality heads, the best way to help achieve this is DON’T shoot middle aged bucks that show potential. Be patient and sit on your hands, you will be rewarded in the end.
  3. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to relocate any high seats that may become redundant due to the crops being too high. Oilseed rape being the obvious one that poses problems.
  4. If you’ve had feed bins running through the season, at times they can play an important part, territories of bigs buck are something to keep an eye on, especially if you’re after that trophy buck.
  5. Nowadays, trail cams have become the norm for professional and recreational stalker’s alike. They have their place in deer management, but time on the ground is never wasted
  6. If you can mow some of your rides to create open areas or deer lanes, this can be a great advantage. As we all know, summer cover is high and can be a real pain at times.
  7. Whether to shoot bucks that are still carrying velvet is a debate that will go on. Personally, nothing of any quality will get shot on my ground until clean and coloured. But this doesn’t apply for the younger buck.
  8. No matter how good a stalker you think you are or how many trail cams you have, you will never see all the deer on your ground, only a percentage of them. Something to take on board from a management side when you’re doing the numbers.
  9. As the season progresses and the days become longer, you will need to give some thought to carcass storage. If you have no cooling facility, the best investment you could make is a large cool box.
  10. Now we come to the rut, what some people class as the pinnacle of the stalking season. Well all I can say is get out on your ground and give calling a try. Regardless of the outcome, enjoy everyday.


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