Ferreting For Beginners

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Date: in Academy

Ferreting has been a popular pest control method for decades. It is a craft that is often passed down through generations and is a highly effective approach to controlling rabbit populations.

In this article Team Wild TV contributor Gavin Dolman share his top five tips to remember when ferreting for rabbits.

1) Treat the ferrets to a good breakfast early enough so that they are hungry but not ravenous when they hunt! A starving ferret normally kills underground.

2) Stealth is the key. You must remain as quiet as possible because rabbits have very good hearing.

3) It’s important to stay downwind. Rabbits have an excellent sense of smell so avoid aftershave and remember to regularly check the direction of the wind.

4) Take care laying purse nets. Be sure to take extra time to make sure that you have covered as many holes as possible. Rabbits are excellent at digging disguised bolt holes.

5) Keep calm! Let the ferret do their job, if there is a rabbit in there they will flush it out.

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