Realtree Patterns

Realtree camo patterns are the top-selling camo on the market. Make the most of your investment and preparation, with the best camouflage pattern for your hunting products.

Realtree Xtra ®

Its 12 warm, natural colors and 3D pattern blend effectively in fall, winter, and early spring.

Realtree Xtra ® Green

In early fall season and any time the situation calls for green, this 3D pattern delivers.

Realtree AP ®

Realtree AP ® works just about everywhere a hunter needs to hide.

Realtree APG ®

Hide-and-seek with a turkey calls for a great green pattern. Hunters around the world are upping their odds with Realtree APG ®.

Realtree AP HD ® Colors

Even when you’re not in the woods, show your true colors with Realtree AP HD ® Colors.

Realtree AP ® Blaze

Whether for safety, fashion, or flair, you’ll stand out anywhere with Realtree AP ® Blaze.

Realtree AP ® Snow

When the landscape is white, get the best camouflage pattern for snow.

Realtree Max-1 ®

One of the best Realtree camo patterns for all the places deer and antelope roam.

Realtree Max-4 ®

Realtree Max-4 ® dominates the waterfowl market for one main reason: Ducks ignore it.

Realtree Max-5 ®

Maximum effectiveness for your waterfowl success.