Building Traps with Eamonn Mahoney

Team Wild expert Eamonn Mahoney is our main man when it comes to snares and traps. At this time of the year magpies, hooded crows and grey crows cause havoc on smaller birds and their dwelling nests. So we have asked Eammon (with the help of his two children) to provide a useful step-by-step guide to building a Larsen trap. The perfect trap design for capturing these type of vermin and only taking the Mahoney boys two hours to make, the trap is something you can try at home.           Eammon really knows his way around a Read More

Eamonn Mahoney Eamonn Mahoney

Date: April 16, 2015

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Building Traps with Eamonn Mahoney

Team Wild expert Eamonn Mahoney is our main man when it comes to snares and traps. At this time of the year magpies, hooded crows Read More


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