Dove Shooting in Argentina with Ian Harford

The scenery is spectacular, the shooting is incredible and the video is captivating. Team Wild TV returns to the Cordoba province of Argentina, where Ian Harford takes to the fields again for another exciting round of Dove shooting. With a population of over 50 million doves, these birds can be a challenge as they fly over in droves, making it harder to aim at any particular bird. Although difficult, the shoot is incredibly enjoyable, breathtakingly beautiful and set against the stunning back drop of Cordoba, Argentina. For more incredible Realtree Global Hunting adventures check out the Realtree playlist over on Read More

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Date: December 8, 2017

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Woodcock Shooting In Sicily with Lucas Micallef

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Gamekeeping – Preparing For The Shooting Season With Steve Wild.

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Pigeon Decoying In The Summer | Ten Essential Tools

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Malta Rejects Spring Bird Hunting Ban Referendum.

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Crow Shooting Fun With Cai Ap Bryn And Keith Anderson

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Decoying for the U.K Coastal Fowler – Travel Light And Master Your Call

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Being a Young Beater

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Go Wild for Wildfowl – Callum Burns

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Walked Up Grouse Shooting in Scotland

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BASC Wildfowling Awareness Days

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8 Tips To Grouse Success

The Glorious 12th rings in the grouse season here in the UK. Some of the most skillful of game shots come unstuck on these Read More

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Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting – MONSTER Long Beards!

Team Wild’s Redneck Roadtrip: Day 3. Patience is a virtue so the saying goes and this no doubt the case when hunting Osceola Turkey Read More

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Rough Shooting in Derbyshire

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Hunting Quail in Alabama

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Duck Shooting in Rural Staffordshire

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