Ian Harford Hunting Blue Wildebeest in South Africa

Ian Harford travels to the stunningly beautiful Eastern Cape of South Africa and takes on the Dark Continent for a mature Blue wildebeest bull. Day 1 – The start of my Blue Wildebeest hunting adventure in South Africa I’ve hunted many times before with Nduna Hunting Safaris and I feel more like part of the family here than a client. They really do make me feel welcome and if you’re going to come to the Dark Continent for a hunting trip then this is the place I would recommend. Blue wildebeest are one of Africa’s most recognisable species. We’ve all Read More

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Date: April 28, 2017

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Hunting Giant Red Stags in Argentina with Ian Harford | Part 1

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Top 10 Tips For Fallow Doe Culling – Keith Watson

The need for deer culling – For many people, deer stalking is a recreational activity, but it is also necessary to protect Read More

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10 Minutes With Rachel Carrie.

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Pest Control In New Zealand

Team Wild TV caught up with our expert Jonathan Scott who had some very interesting insights into pest control methods in New Zealand. I Read More

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Realtree celebrate 30th anniversary with Realtree Original™

In celebration of their 30th anniversary, advanced camouflage pattern producer Realtree has reintroduced Realtree Original™ to their Read More

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Tips to successful ratting.

Team Wild TV experts share a few of their ideas on equipment, techniques and recipes for a successful night’s ratting. It’s been Read More

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Ian Harford Tests Realtree Max-5

Realtree Max-5 Camouflage Pattern – The most technologically advanced and versatile camouflage pattern ever developed. Realtree has Read More

Date: September 24, 2016

Spanish Walked Up Partridge with Ian Harford

Season Two – Episode Seven: On today’s episode of Great British Shooting, we are with Ojespain in Cenicientos, Spain, shooting Read More

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Advanced Deer Management With Doug Wheeler

Team Wild TV expert, Doug Wheeler is going back to school to learn about Advanced Deer Management. In my opinion, to be a successful Read More

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HiT Show Vicenza 2016 With Lucas Micallef

Team Wild TV expert Lucas Micallef shares his account of the HiT Show Vicenza 2016. As for the shotgun world is concerned, one of Read More

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Lucas Micallef Visits The IWA Outdoor Classic 2016

Team Wild TV expert Lucas Micallef shares his account of the IWA Outdoor Classic 2016. One of the most sought after and interesting periods Read More

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My First Hunting Experience | Tomo Svetic

Team Wild TV expert Tomo Svectic takes us back in time to his first hunting experience. It was in the mountains of Velebit in Read More

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Kelmarsh Main Arena Events 2016

Countryman Fairs invites you to take part in the spectacular Main Arena events on offer at the Kelmarsh Country fair this easter weekend. If Read More

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Hunting For Beginners With Lucas Micallef

If your 2016 New Years resolution is to go hunting, Team Wild TV expert Lucas Micallef has some important advice. Every country has a Read More

Date: January 16, 2016

Benjamin Bulldog Big Bore Air Rifle Hunting in South Africa: Oryx

Realtree Global Hunting returns for another epic air gun hunting safari. The all-new Benjamin Bulldog .357 big bore air rifle from Crosman Read More

Date: December 31, 2015