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Are you ready for the upcoming partridge shooting season? The old shooting suit looking a bit tired?

It’s not far away! The 1st of September marks the beginning of the partridge season and the wildfowl season here in the UK.

But early season partridge shooting can bring some unexpected weather. Often, the line of guns will be seen shooting in their shirt sleeves first thing in the morning, only to be cowering under waterproofs in a downpour in the afternoon.

Some of the new technical tweed on the market is nothing short of incredible. In days gone by, tweed was renowned for being itchy, and notorious for becoming heavy when wet, but not any more!


Technical breakthroughs have allowed companies such as Deerhunter to produce technical tweed which is breathable and waterproof.

Here’s what Deerhunter say about their new range of DXO.

“We at Deerhunter are proud to announce our stunning range of DXO shooting clothing. It has taken research, time and painstaking effort to create a range that delivers timeless elegance and that will form the very heart of our deluxe assortment of country wear.

The DXO collection affords the renowned Deerhunter comfort that many thousands of wearers worldwide have come to expect from us. Yet at the same time it delivers a very new look and feel, based on classic, luxurious fabrics, using traditional tweeds and loden to give durability too.

Our new collection pivots around traditional styling, with aesthetics that remain eternal, though at its very core is modern technology which is central to delivering the ultimate in comfort.

Some might say that our customers would forgive us if we were to sacrifice function for fashion with our range, but we don’t believe that. Central to our business philosophy is clothing that can stand up to everyday use – and that remains our key focus, with our garments also containing practical details genuinely useful out in the field. We make clothing that will withstand the rigours of the harshest weather, and will protect the wearer from the very worst that the elements can throw.

Whether it’s a formal day on the grouse moor in August, driven partridges in September, or pheasants in mid-winter, our DXO collection gives a choice of colour combinations and styles that will suit the discerning game shot. Choose DXO, and you’ll find that fashion and function can be combined beautifully – a stylish, traditional look with modern technology at its very heart

Click this link for more information on the Deerhunter DXO range at Team Wild Oufitters


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