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Available for all types of hunting apparel.

Every article in the OUTFOX® collection featuring ERGOTARN® is fitted with a high-performance filter that adsorbs and reliably traps odorous molecules.

This is done by millions of tiny pure carbon beads laminated onto a durable polyester knitted fabric.

These beads adsorb any form of odour, and they do so in a purely biological way. The advantage of this technology is the filter’s high level of air permeability, ensuring a high level of comfort when wearing the items.

This is better than simply blocking odours with film inlays that naturally lead to reduced air permeability in the fabric, and in contrast to other scent-reducing materials, there are absolutely no health-related concerns or skin compatibility problems with the ERGOTARN® filter.


Outfox provide a scent eliminating wash to be used, not only in conjunction with their Ergotarn range but for use on any type of hunting apparel.

Scent, is one of the biggest give aways when it comes to hunting. I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I have been hunting, using the wind to my advantage, only to have the wind direction change and give my position away. I find it happens mostly on the open hill where the valleys and hills can channel the wind and make it change direction at the drop of a hat.

Some of today’s modern washing powders can carry a very strong scent, which is fine for your everyday clothing, but if your are serious about your hunting and your hunting clothes, you need something that is neutral for your washing.

Outfox’s specially designed wash contains no bleaches, no fragrances and is made from natural ingredients. It is also designed to work efficiently at low temperature which will ensure that your cherished hunting gear stays scent free and in great condition.


Click on this link to head over to Team Wild Outfitters to learn more and purchase Outfox wash, and the full range of Outfox clothing.

Click on this link to visit Outfox and see their video’s on scent reduction technology.

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