Zeiss Victory V8 Riflescope Range.

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The Zeiss Victory line is the best that Zeiss has to offer. It guarantees excellent performance for unforgettable hunting moments.

ZEISS VICTORY V8 1.1-8×30 Riflescope

The Benchmark For Driven Hunts.

With its maximum zoom range, the ZEISS VICTORY V8 1.1-8×30 is considered the most versatile driven hunt riflescope in the entire ZEISS collection. The 1.1x magnification typical of ZEISS products is ideal for target acquisition with both eyes open, as well as a quick shot at a short distance.

The high magnification also makes the ZEISS VICTORY V8 1.1-8×30 a truly special product, with its high zoom factor, this scope is the specialist for driven hunts and allows you to fire accurate shots at longer targets.

The 8x magnification also enables fast and reliable targeting, vital when every second counts. The 39.6m objective field of view is unusually large and provides shooters with a maximum overview and therefore safety and reliability on a driven hunt. During development of the ZEISS VICTORY V8 1.1-8×30, engineers paid special attention to the “speed” of the product. The combination of all these performance features makes the ZEISS VICTORY V8 1.1-8×30 the new benchmark among driven hunt riflescopes.



ZEISS VICTORY V8 1.8-14×50 Riflescope

The Ultimate All-Rounder.

The compact all-rounder provides a wide range of possible uses and maximum accuracy at any distance. A relaxed view and intuitive target acquisition ensure fast and reliable shots. The large zoom range (1.8-14×50) accompanied with parallax compensation makes this scope an ideal companion in any situation. From a driven hunt to stalking game or sitting game in the twilight, this all-rounder is ideal to meet your requirements.


ZEISS VICTORY V8 2.8-20×56 Riflescope

The Perfectionist With Light Reserves.

The ZEISS VICTORY V8 2.8-20×56 opens up every opportunity – from long-distance shots to hunting deep into the twilight, this riflescope makes it ideal for a wide range of conditions. 92% light transmission ensures bright, high-contrast images. This model is compact and easy to use, making it the perfect match for even the highest quality rifles.



ZEISS VICTORY V8 4.8-35×60 Riflescope

The Long Range Revolution.

The benchmark in the VICTORY V8 line. 35x magnification combined with the Competition bullet drop compensator (BDC) stands for ultimate long-distance shot excellence. The smallest targets appear highly detailed and so close that you can touch them! Sensational 92% light transmission and the unique 60mm lens provide the necessary brightness to enable accurate long-range shots even at high magnification in darkness.

A large exit pupil facilitates fast target acquisition as soon as the weapon is raised. The optical system on the VICTORY V8 impresses with maximum detail rendition thanks to its combination of High Transmission lenses (HT) and fluoride lenses (FL) concepts, and also comes standard with parallax compensation. The latest VICTORY V8 from ZEISS therefore unites the properties of the most flexible riflescope on the market with those of a spotting scope.


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