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Keith ‘Killer’ Anderson finally figures that footwear is key…

I thought I had a comfy pair of boots in my old British ex-army ones, that once broken in (about a month!) fitted and wore quite well. I’ve had numerous pairs of boots in the past from Timberland to Le Chameau all of which have been comfy but geared towards the harder, muddier and colder weather.

The ex-Army boots were bought last minute when on the day before I was due to leave for safari I realised I’d loaned my boots to a friend and subsequently had never seen them again!  Sounds a bit like Wildy’s 30-second rule – once in hand for more than 30 seconds, never to be seen again 😉

By the end of the safari they had just began to bed in and stop squeaking. Wildy really loved that when we were stalking. I lost count of the amount of squeak bollockings I got :rolleyes: but on return from Africa I kept them and wore them to the Game Fairs… Big mistake!

After a day on the World of Realtree stand and a night of drinking and merriment my feet had had enough and the next morning saw me walking around like old man Steptoe!  It just so happened that we had just launched the LaCrosse footwear range on the Team Wild Hunting stand so it would seem they would be the sensible choice as I was going to be promoting and selling them.

I tried a couple of pairs on due to the fact they are an American brand and sometimes slightly differ from the UK sizes. I opted for the 6″ Broadside boot, which looked at first glance rugged yet smart with it’s reinforced toe area and cleated sole.

The brown leather looked smart but felt supple and didn’t restrict movement in the foot. They also are slightly wider on the main part of the foot which makes them incredibly comfortable.

I got the impression that these were a more casual orientated boot which would be fine as I wanted them for use on the stand…

How wrong was I?
Not only are they the comfiest boot I have ever worn they are ideal for any field application.

I have worn them for stalking, feeding the duck pond, walking the dogs and with a quick scrub they are more than presentable and ready for the shows.

I’ve found that it gives potential buyers a bit of confidence when they see me wearing them on the Team Wild website for stalking, then see that I’m wearing them on the stand but its like I tell everyone about anything we sell…

If it’s no good, we don’t sell it.

How long will they last? Who knows. Watch this space – field testing is everything!!

Happy hunting


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