NiteSite Announce Sale For March 2013

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The awarding-winning night vision brand NiteSite is holding a nationwide sale throughout March!

Participating retailers will be offering the hugely popular NS50 and NS200 units at discounted prices, to not only mark the end of the night vision season but also make room for the new upgraded units arriving in April.

The revamped NS50 and NS200 units will see a slight price increase of £100 but will include more than £130 worth of upgrades including the new stock-mounted lithium-ion battery pack, screen filters, anti-recoil clamp and better connection leads. The NS200 camera has also been inverted to accommodate the bolt clearance on certain rifles.

The NiteSite has become part and parcel of Team Wild‘s essential gear for night shooting. The units have been tried and tested by us from shooting rats and pigeons in a dark dingy shed in Derbyshire, to shooting rampaging Armadillos in Texas . They have revolutionized the way we hunt at night.

The guys at NiteSite are constantly striving to better their product and understand exactly what the customer requires…because they listen!

NiteSite sales manager Jake Horwell encouraged customers to grab a bargain: “These changes have been made after the collection of customer feedback. Moving forward, we are very excited about being able to offer these improved units to shooters from April.

The £399 NS50 and £599 NS200 units will no longer be available after the sale in March. We have sold thousands of these units worldwide to a lot of incredibly satisfied customers, so spread the word!”

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