Niggeloh Rifle Sling-Keeping It Safe

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Niggeloh rifle slings are designed by hunters, for hunters.  Manufactured from high quality materials the Niggeloh rifle sling range makes carrying long, heavy guns easy.

The last thing you want when out on that all important hunt is for your rifle sling to break.

Not only dangerous, it can also cause damage to your rifle, especially if fitted with a threaded moderator

Uttermost comfort in the field is guaranteed with the extremely lightweight design and the soft and flexible neoprene material.  The non-slip shoulder position keeps your gun under control, so you’re ready to shoot at a moments notice.

Importantly the no-noise handling prevents quarry from being disturbed.

Designed to be durable for the heaviest guns, the slings are double stitched so they won’t snap under pressure.  A wide top rifle sling is available in the range.

In the absence of a rest the slings can also be used to steady your arm, aiding accuracy.

The Niggeloh Rifle Sling is priced at £35.95

The Niggeloh Wide Top Rifle Sling is priced at £41.50

Available from Team Wild Outfitters.

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