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The Markhor collection of Backpacks have been designed and created in France by avid hunter and Vice President of the Departmental Association of Big Game Hunters, Jean Pierre Mateo. Designed with the active hunter’s wants and needs in mind, the Markhor collection is practical and durable, making it an obvious choice when choosing a bag for any outdoor adventure.

Markhor Ungava EVO II Waitspack – RRP £34.99


The Markhor Ungava EVO II Waistpack is perfect for the individual who just needs to carry the essentials. A number of clever storage compartments varying in size, enable easy storage of an extra piece of clothing and additional pockets ensure other important items such as bullets or cameras are kept safe and secure.

This high quality Waist Pack is waterproof, hardwearing and silent. Ideal for a variety of activities from photography, walking to travel.

Available in Realtree AP Camo

Markhor Savanne EVO II 18L Backpack – RRP £59.99


For the individual who requires more from a Backpack, the Markhor Savanne EVO II with its light and compact design is the ideal daypack.  Capable of holding up to 18 litres the Savanne EVO II has been built with practicality in mind. Equipped with a comfortable back made of high-density foam, wrapped in 3D honeycomb mesh, it conforms to the wearers shape whilst boasting moisture wicking abilities, a necessity in warmer climates.

Comprising of two main compartments, the Savanne EVO II comes pre equipped for a water bladder aiding ease of hydration when on the move. A user friendly carrying handle and an adjustable compression strap on each side of the bag add to the list of impressive features that makes up the Savanne EVO II Backpack.

Available in Realtre AP Camo or Green

Markhor Monteria EVO II 28L Backpack – RRP £89.99 


The Markhor Monteria EVO II 28 litre Backpack is strong, sturdy and extremely versatile, ideal for general travel as well as outdoor adventures.

It’s comfortable aluminium twin bar back system make the Monteria extremely easy to carry and the design ensures that any weight placed in the bag is stabilized and distributed evenly across the back, reducing the chance of sore spot formation and rubbing.

The Monteria EVO II Backpack also comes complete with high-density foam shoulder straps.  The shoulder straps are covered in moisture wicking honeycomb mesh, allow for fast and effective removal of perspiration.

The Backpack has one main compartment, two side pockets, one front pocket, one inside pocket and two well-appointed waist pockets.

As an added safety feature, the Monteria EVO II has a fluorescent orange cap on the inside of the bag.  The cap can be easily placed over the top flap to increase the wear’s visibility when negotiating dense undergrowth or for when visibility is poor.

Available in Realtree AP Camo or Green

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The Markhor range of Backpacks is available to buy now from Team Wild Outfitters.


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