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Our South African Team Wild Expert Matt Dubber, gives us a review on his recently delivered NiteSite Eagle and Spotter Xtreme.

NiteSite has taken the UK by storm and quickly cemented its place amongst the world’s finest night vision manufacturers. The NS50 and NS200 units gained an incredible reputation in a very short space of time after falling into the hands of some of the world’s elite Airgun hunters and taking YouTube by storm with some thrilling Rat, Rabbit and Fox demolition.

It seemed, however, that although the NiteSite technology had taken off in the UK, the rest of the world never really caught on to the same degree. Was this because the NiteSite units weren’t suitable to hunting environments in other parts of the world? Perhaps it was just a “British Thing”?


I clearly remember sitting behind my computer screen in mid 2012, streaming video after video of NiteSite hunting action on YouTube (If “streaming” is even the correct word – South African internet speeds don’t exactly do YouTube justice!) and thinking “Damn…the rest of the world needs to see this!”

I knew this wasn’t just a UK craze. This was a device with huge potential, whatever the situation. I have been on plenty of night hunts, shooting rabbits, hares, springhares, jackals, rats, and culling springbuck, impala and warthog. These hunts usually happen from the back of a truck, one man with a spotlight and one man with a rifle. The animals don’t seem to mind the sound of the truck – they feel safe as long as they are in complete darkness – but turn that spotlight on them and they scatter (with the exception of the springhares – those little critters are blinded by the light and hop around hopelessly in circles). This method of night hunting might get the job done…but is it the best way?


Night Vision is the way forward. There’s no doubt about that. But is it worth the heavy price tag? Thanks to NiteSite, it finally is. By designing a system that attaches to your scope as an add-on instead of replacing your scope entirely, the NiteSite units have cut a massive cost off production and saved the buyer a lot of money. NiteSite took off in the UK because of great marketing and because of its incredible reputation amongst local hunters.


Now the all new NiteSite series (Viper, Wolf, Eagle and Spotter Xtreme) have finally reached the South African market, and its only a matter of time before they begin to take the country by storm. Jackal hunting is just as popular here as Fox hunting is in the UK (if not more so!) and once people get a whiff of the NiteSite’s potential, there will be no turning back.


I have just recently got my hands on both the NiteSite Eagle and Spotter Xtreme, and was extremely impressed with the build quality, picture quality and ease of use. On my first night out with the Eagle I had more success shooting rats than I’d ever had before! I have long been a self-proclaimed ambassador for Hunting in South Africa, especially with Airguns, and have made it my mission to get more people involved in the sport. NiteSite provides an exciting way forward at minimal cost – Mark my words: The future is looking bright!

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