Love recoil tough guy? Try out the .577 Tyrannosaur for size!

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Date: in Gunroom


Today’s post is simply about entertainment. I know we shouldn’t find other peoples misfortune amusing, but it’s ok as long as nobody gets hurt – other than their pride of course!

Since posting the pics of the fabulous AYA No.1 9.3×74 double rifle I’ve been getting a few messages about recoil and how it is to shoot. It’s no pussycat, that’s for sure, but there are much bigger beasts out there.

Here’s one of them. Below is a cool video that my good pal Bryce Wells introduced me whilst hunting in Idaho last November. It’s a compilation of unsuspecting guys firing the worlds most powerful rifle – the .577 Tyrannosaur.

This monster fires a 750 grain bullet at around 2800fps with a shoulder crunching 11,100 ftlbs of muzzle energy! These guys LITERALLY didn’t know what hit them! Try watching it without laughing – it’s impossible!

So remember – never accept a strange rifle from a friend with a mischievous grin! 🙂 Enjoy!


  1. Looks like a 600 Nitro Express on steroids…and if you miss..the rhino or tusker will be trampleing all over you while you are laying on the ground in a semi conscious state… heehee!

  2. I still laugh my ASS off at this video.If you are ever having a BAD day just watch this video,You will Laugh.I thought Ian was going to bust a gut when i showed him this.


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