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Date: December 12, 2010

Ian v Black Bear – Round 2!

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Although I enjoyed an epic adventure with Bryce in Idaho in October, unfortunately I didn’t manage to get my bear that time. Not only were the conditions somewhat against us, the mountain was also a little crowded.

I’m pretty sure I heard at least one of the bears we’d been baiting get taken by hunters with a pack of hounds. This was incredibly frustrating given the time Bryce had put into baiting the sites and to be honest I felt somewhat cheated. But then again, that’s hunting!

However, now we’re ready for Round 2. I’ve just finalised my black bear hunting trip to Newfoundland in May with my good friends Gavin Ingram and David Watt from Nduna Hunting Safaris – the official hunting destination for Realtree’s European Pro Staff in South Africa.

Our coming trip is with Ironbound Outfitters of Newfoundland, where we will be hunting not one bear, but two! Newfoundland is home to some of the largest black bear in North America, and Ironbound have an excellent track record in providing successful hunts to international hunters.

I’m particularly pleased to be using Ironbound as I also get to ‘spot and stalk’ my bear. Many black bear hunts are from tree stands over bait sites, but I’d prefer to hunt on foot. Of course I’ve also got ‘unfinished business’ in Idaho, and may also stop off and and see Bryce Wells for my Idaho Black Bear on the way! 🙂


Newfoundland has a huge population of black bear, some of the largest in the world.

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