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Matt Cole, Team Wild’s pigeon shooting expert, went on a trip with a difference recently.

Invited by one of his French agents, Matt took up the offer of a weeks fishing for catfish on the river Ebro in Spain.

Matt had never been fishing in his life before this, but thought it a great idea to try his hand at something new, and with the pigeon season at its quietest decided to slip out of the country for a quick and well deserved break.

He arrived in Spain, and was introduced to 3 fellow fisherman and over the course of the week, the 4 man team went on to catch 18 fish!

The largest fish was 237 pounds and measured 2m 40″ in length.

They also caught a number a number of large carp plus Zander and Perch.

Matt says “I never been fishing in my life and had this great opportunity to go to one of the world’s best rivers for some monster fish, my first ever fish was 202 pounds length 2.28 metres and it was well earned as it took me 15 minutes to get it on the bank . I was completely exhausted but amazed at the size of my first ever fish!…If you are a fisherman, this is a must do!!”


Matt was so impressed with the set up in Spain, he is now selling trips to Ebro from the UK

For more details, call Matt on 07984 335124 or visit his main website

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