Remote Electronic Fox Callers – How To Get The Best From Yours

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Team Wild Experts Rob Crampton and Craig Jackson from Best Fox Call talk us through getting the most out of your Remote Electronic Caller.

Increased availability – and affordability of remote electronic fox calls means they are becoming far more popular amongst the foxing community – but be aware, like all calls, they need to be used properly to get the best out of them.

So what are the advantages of a remote electronic caller..?

1. You have much greater control over your shooting position – and over the spot at which you intend to shoot the fox…

2. You’ll be much less likely to make the fox aware of your presence due to it either seeing you – or winding you.

As with all aspects of foxing, the more you practice, the better you will get but here’s our top tips to set you on the right track with your remote electronic caller.


Location, Location, Location…

By this we mean the following

  • The location of the caller in relation to you and the wind
  • The location of the caller in relation to the terrain / cover

We’ve all watched foxes come in to a mouth or hand call – sometimes like a train, other times much more slowly and cautiously. There are certainly times when foxes will have come in to you calling and you were never even aware of their presence. They will have come in, sensed you and left without you ever having caught sight of you. Other times, we see a set of unidentifiable eyes several feet into cover – and no amount of calling will coax them out.

Position to take advantage of the wind…

9 times out of 10, a cautious fox will circle to a position where he is downwind of a call – and approach into the wind – scenting for signs of danger as he goes. And that’s where you get the advantage. By positioning your caller 100 or so yards out – at 90 degrees to the wind, the fox is far less likely to even be aware of your presence.

We’ve watched countless foxes come into the GC500 in broad daylight completely unaware we were even in the same field!

Position to take advantage of terrain and cover

Foxes, unless very hungry, will not expose themselves to unnecessary danger so this should be remembered when positioning your caller. Think about how the fox will try and approach it’s intended prey – what route is it likely to take to remain where possible in cover..? By making it as easy as possible for Charlie to get to it’s target without feeling spooked, you’ll up the chances of him coming in at all.


Speaking the right language

After working out where to put your caller, you need to work out what call is most likely to work for you.

There are many factors that can affect the success of a call – and we’ll cover that in another article – but for now here’s some headlines.

  1. Choose a call that’s appropriate for where you’re shooting. During lambing, get the orphaned lamb call screaming from beneath a hedge and away from the flock… Around a free range chicken farm – try a distressed chook at dusk – the one that didn’t get home to roost… Stubble fields and cut grass fields always yield results with small rodent calls. At this time of year and through to December, the mating calls always work well – and once into January and we’ve frost and snow, then rabbit / hare calls will entice a hungry fox hoping for an easy, substantial meal
  2. Don’t SHOUT!!! A fox’s hearing is considerable better than ours so if you can hear your caller  – a fox certainly can. It’s got to be realistic  – do you think you could hear a wounded rabbit from 100 yards away..?
  3. Don’t over do it
    Start calling – and after a minute or so, stop and give it a rest for a short period of time. Over calling can be as ineffective as not calling at all so don’t be tempted to over do it.


One last thing…

Even when you are successful and have pulled a fox into range, you may not have had a safe shot and he’s headed for the hills. Don’t forget that foxes are incredibly inquisitive and as he bolts across a field the odds are, he’ll stop and turn for “one last look” before making his escape. It may be your last chance – but he’s giving you a chance so expect it and you may just get that shot!

 BestFoxCall is the UK distributor for the ICOtec range of remote electronic callers. For more information please visit our website at


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