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Team Wild Expert Fernando Muñoz of Spanish Hunters tells us why Spain is fast becoming one of the most sought after holiday destinations for so many hunters.

It’s early October in Madrid, and looking at my calendar there are some dates still available. The main hunting season has started in Spain and with Spanish Red Legged Partridges and Red Deer waiting for us, everyone is excited and most of all me!

The Spanish hunting season starts right now and ends 12 months later. That’s right, a yearlong hunting season which clearly explains why Spain is often the chosen holiday destination for many hunters.


Hunting in Spain has become a first choice holiday destination for Americans, Russians and most of Europeans in recent years. With some preferring big game (specially Spanish Ibex), others focus on small game such as our Spanish red-legged partridges, which are guaranteed to give British and French hunters a completely different hunting experience compared to their usual hunting trips. Visiting hunters from all over the world come to Spain for the whole experience, hunting in the day and taking in the sights at night in Madrid or any other of the beautiful beach front restaurants in the evenings. These kind of hunting trips are in an ever-increasing demand in Spain. Foreign hunters can transform their hunting trip into a family holiday incorporating hunting and tourism all into one, experiencing the culture and hunting traditions of Spain.


In comparison to many other European Countries where their hunting season finishes at the end of January, Spains non stop hunting season, exceptional climate and long standing traditions make it one of the top destinations for hunters from all over the world. Spain is also often described as having some of the best partridges in the world; brave, fast and in some cases very, very high giving out the ultimate challenge for even the most experienced of hunters.

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Although the main season for small game and big game goes from October to February, there are “small hunting seasons” in different areas of the country, offering our guests the opportunity to hunt all year round. Partridges and Monteria in fall/winter, mountain hunts in spring (Ibex and Chamois), and stalk hunting or small game (rabbits) in summer. Most of our visitors prefer to come in January or February, but Spain gives the chance to discover many types of hunting trips.

Most of the hunting destinations in Spain give the hunter the opportunity of the ‘combination trip’ which includes hunting and holidays with some great options. Hunting Ronda Ibex in Marbella, Gredos Ibex in Madrid, South-eastern Ibex and skiing and hunting Barbary Sheep in Benidorm to name but a few.


My recommendations:

If you like bird shooting, I strongly recommend that you try the “Spanish ojeo” (beating) of red-legged partridges. With 4 or 5 drives every day and a minimum of 300 birds, it’s a fantastic opportunity to test your skills away from your usual hunting grounds. On the other hand, if you like big game you have to try a once in a lifetime hunt and experience the Monteria. This is spectacular driven hunt, where more than 300 dogs beat an area of more than 500 hectares and red deer and wild boars are “pushed” to the hunter’s line.


Hunting and holidays in Spain is fast becoming a social phenomenon. With many trips tailored around the desires of the individual hunter, it really is the perfect holiday for any hunter wanting to broaden their experiences, with the guidance and knowledge of local Spanish Outfitters.

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