The World’s greatest living buffalo hunter? Ian Harford meets the legendary Rainer Jösch

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My first visit to the Jagd und Hund Show here in Dortmund has been both an exciting, and eye opening adventure. I always find it fascinating to meet new friends and gain a greater understanding of hunting across the globe.

Jagd und Hund is very much the Midland Game Fair of Germany, and the meeting place for hunters from across Europe. I’m lucky to have met a multitude of interesting people.

One of the most fascinating characters I had the pleasure of meeting was German born Buffalo Hunter Rainer Jösch.

Born in Germany in 1966, Rainer spent his formative years living in a hunting  camp in Tanzania. His earliest recollection of being ‘up close and personal’ with a buffalo bull was in 1971 when he was just 6 years old!

He and his friends survived a surprise encounter with an old bull whilst fishing for catfish in the Grumeti River. The excitement, fear and respect for these magnificent creatures has never left him.

Rainer returned to Germany to study for the next 14 years before finally returning to Tanzania in 1989. Since then he has built a reputation as arguably the worlds leading hunter of mountain buffalo.

A rugged and fascinating character, Rainer has guided some 485 successful buffalo hunts in his 22 years, and has a vast array of exciting stories to tell. Yves Burrus’s buffalo as seen in the movie was Rainer’s 100th mountain buffalo.

His passion for hunting buffalo goes hand in hand with his commitment to sustainable hunting.

Maintaining the balance, gaining a greater understanding of, and protecting our natural resources is at the forefront of his teams philosophy to hunting.

Rainer and his team have now turned their attentions to creating high quality movies . His latest movie ‘Buffalo Hunters’ was premiered over the weekend here in Dortmund to coincide with Jagd und Hund.

The film accompanies three international hunters, who begin their hunt for the Cape Buffalo with three different expectations. “The viewer will be captivated by the hunter’s adventures in this defiant and at times unforgiving environment” say Rainer.

I have a copy of the DVD, which I will watch on my return to the UK sometime this week. Rainer says it’s a captivating story that even my wife will enjoy watching! I’ll let you know if this is the case later on this week!

Otherwise you can order your copy of Buffalo Hunters from the official distributor JANA Jagd. Don’t worry, it’s in English and German with subtitles, but the images really tell it all!

Here’s a clip of one of the hunters featured in the movie.

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  1. I’m a great admirer of Rainer, I have seen his first movie Mountain Buffalo multiple times. Rainer, congratulations on your new movie.
    Omar Chavarria

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