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Team Wild Expert Tomo Svetic of Artemis Hunting gives us his top tips for hunting in a cold weather climate.

1.If you’re wearing leather boots for hunting use some good quality wax or grease and apply it generously to all leather parts. Do it at least a few hours before the hunt (Ideally 10+ hours). Sprays are alright, but not as good as the wax or grease, seal grease and wax from premium brands are the best.

2.If you don’t have a range finder which can calculate your true ballistic range, count the angle of shooting 25-35 degrees, take 10% of the range you get and 5% if the shooting angle is 10-20 degrees. It’s simple and worked for me on numerous occasions. However I suggest you to try this on the range where you can shoot in different angles.

3.Before you head off towards your peg or shooting position don’t zip up your coats, it might sound odd but if you’re wearing an heavy coat and carrying a lot of gear you could begin to sweat excessively. Once you’ve got your spot now its time to zip up and stay warm, hunting is all about being patient so the weather could soon become a factor, keeping warm means you’ll be able to stay on the hunt much longer.

4.Wherever you go hunting or shooting with your gun you should have your FAC or SGC with you all the time and if you’re in EU zone than EFP. When you go shooting abroad do not leave your accommodation without your certificate.

5.If you shoot in cold weather make sure that your moving metal parts on your shotgun or a rifle are not greased. I normally use high quality grease in minimum amount if the cold is not going below –10C. If it does go below I leave my metal to dry. Most of the grease in sub zero temperatures becomes too sticky and can prevent moving parts to moving correctly and the pin to activate the cartridge.

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6.Switch off the sound on your phones as soon as you get to the shooting ground.

7.If it’s been raining and the ground is really soft make sure that you observe the area yourself. So many opportunities are missed because shooters focus on one side of the ground where the pegs are located.

8.On driven hunt days wear as much orange as you can. It won’t jeopardise your success and it helps others to see you easier.

9.It’s always a good idea to have a small sharp folding knife in your rucksack.

10.If you’re hunting in snowy conditions it’s good to have sunglasses, the polarised ones can make a big difference if the snow is combined with sunshine.

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