The brilliance of being a beater

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It’s the moment beaters have being waiting for all season. After working extremely hard, covering miles of ground in a variety of climates, beaters across the country finally get their chance to shoot the remaining pheasants left on the particular shoot that they beat on.

Whether an extremely large shoot or a small syndicate, the excitement is all the same, it’s brilliant to be in the shooters position and have someone else do all the hard work,  flushing all these brilliant sporting pheasants across into your view and hopefully getting off the perfect shot. Personally I like to wear my best shooting clothes on beaters day, it’s as though you’ve worked so hard over the season and this is your reward to acknowledge all of your hard work.

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On my most recent beaters day: in the morning we gathered in the yard and were briefed on vital safety precautions, we were then given a peg to draw and then were taken to the first drive, even though it was the last shoot, it was very surprising to see how many pheasants were left despite the fantastic season the guns have had. Pheasants were flying all over the place and being taken down by the mighty beaters, we moved up two on our pegs and went out for the second drive. This was when two cock pheasants flew into my viewpoint, the first bird was too low and would have been a dangerous shot, fortunately the second bird was just the right height and distance away, it faced the wrath of my bottom barrel causing it to crash to the ground stone dead. After the second drive we gathered back into the yard, had dinner and talked about our kills. We then progressed onto the third and fourth drive, collecting even more kills and great sporting targets enabling the beaters to boast at the guns for once rather than the other way around.

Overall, the day was brilliant and I shall never forget it, unfortunately the only downside to the beaters day is that it signifies the end of the pheasant season, which means waiting another year for the next beaters day. This season has being absolutely brilliant in my opinion and I have loved every second of it, I hope that you feel the same!!

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