A Swedish Hunting Adventure Awaits

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Fortune and glory is hidden deep within the snow-covered mountaintops that engulfs the amazing Kingdom of Sweden. The only thing missing is you.

This one certainly isn’t for greenhorns; it’ll take a lot of skill and dedication to step out into the wild wonders and tackle the elements, all in the pursuit of bagging the perfect trophy kill.

Hunting is one of the biggest past times in Sweden, having a population of 300,000 hunters in a country with only 9 million people. You’ll definitely have some tough competition out there, all in the goal to see who can come back with the biggest and best prize.

Moose, Elk, Beaver and Red Foxes are just some of the animals that roam the lands in Sweden, and they’re all waiting for you. Varmland is one of most popular hunting destinations in the entire country, made up of 11,000 acres of hunting paradise and is located near the boarder of Norway just a few hours away from Oslo. There are plenty of animals just right for the picking; so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Sweden is a dream come true for any hunter ready to take on a new pursuit. There’s a reason why it has such a high hunting community, which you’ll understand upon arrival. The sights and sounds of the beautiful Swedish woodlands mixed with the wild roaming game that inhabit the lands, offers a unique adventure you’ll want to re-live over and over again.

Firearms information

If you wish to bring your own firearms to Sweden please begin planning at least a month ahead with your host. It will be their responsibility to put forward an application on your behalf.

The local police authority controls all firearms that are imported and exported; your host will need to contact them with the following details:

  • Applicants name, date of birth, address and phone number.
  • Type of firearm: manufacture, model, calibre and serial number.
  • Quantity and type of ammunition.
  • Name, address and phone number of Swedish host.
  • Name and location of the hunting ground.
  • The period of time the weapon will be in Sweden.
  • Place and date of arrival in Sweden.
  • A photocopy of the applicants permits for the weapon from guest’s country.
  • A photocopy of the applicants EU firearms permit (EU citizens only).
  • A written invitation from the Swedish host or hunting tour operator.

Borrowing a local hunters firearm is also permitted in Sweden, but again there are guidelines that have to be followed. The firearm owner must be present at all times and only be standing a few metres away, they must be at least 15 years old and be in possession of a valid Swedish hunting permit during the entire outing.

The visiting hunter must be at least 18 years old and be permitted to use the same type of rifle in there own country. The Swedish weapon owner must obtain a loan certificate that clearly states the guest hunters name, their home and visiting address and the length of the loan, which cannot be over 14 days.


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Hunting in Sweden: Key Facts

  • The landowner regains all hunting rights to the property; it’s their decision to lease out permission to hunt on the land for a short or long period. Although around half of the land in Sweden is owned by the state or large companies, the rights to hunt are leased out to individuals or hunting associations.
  • All hunters are required to pay an annual fee of 300 SEK (£24, $37, €31); the permit must be carried at all times during any hunt and is valid from 1st July-30th June.
  • There will also be a fee of 500 SEK (£41, $62, €53) on each application to bring firearms into Sweden.
  • Comprehensive insurance is needed before any hunt. Visiting hunters require special hunters insurance policies that covers personal accidents and third party liability.

Hunting Season Details

  • Beaver: 01st October – 10th May
  • Roe Deer (All Roe): 01st October – 31st January
  • Roe Deer (Fawn): 01st September – 30th September
  • Roe Deer (Buck): 16th August – 30th September
  • Red Fox: 01st August – 31st March
  • Alpine Hare: 01st September – 29th February
  • Capercailzie: 25th August – 15th November
  • Black Grouse: 25th August – 15th November
  • Haze Grouse: 25th August – 15th November
  • Male Capercailzie: 16th November – 31st January
  • Black Cock: 16th November – 31st January
  • Elk: 10th October – 31st October


A typical moose could produce 130 kilos of meat, with meat selling for 110 SEK per kilo (£9, $13, €11 per lb.) Moose meat could be worth 14,300 SEK  (£1,180 $1,800 €1,500).

The estimated value of meat produced throughout the country is around 600 million SEK (£50,000,000.00, $75,000,000.00, €64,000,000.00).

Moose is unquestionably one of the most popular forms of game hunting in Sweden. Between 300,000-400,000 moose’s are in the wild throughout the country, despite the fact that 100,000 are hunted each year.

Before any moose hunt can begin, some landowners and hunting hosts insist visiting hunters pass a test on hunting the animal. The test includes shooting a life size model at 80 metres away that is both stationary and moving.

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