Tuning my Bear Carnage bow and getting my gear ready for Hawaii

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With my trip to North America just a few days way, Easter Sunday provided just the opportunity I needed to set up and field test my Bear Carnage bow.

It’s a good job that we checked as it was shooting a little low. Only a couple of inches at 30 yards, but that went up to around 5 inches at 50 yards. A good example of why you should always check your equipment regularly!

In addition to checking my aim points on my Bear Carnage, it also gave me an opportunity to set up Wildy’s Limbsaver Deadzone DZ-32. He’s been practising for a few weeks now with a 50lb draw and is ready for a bit more.

After turning the adjusters a couple of turns it felt around 60lbs, and actually seemed to shoot straighter. Maybe the extra tension helps to keep everything in line!

With both of us grouping comfortably on the target it was time for a bit of fun. I’ve recently collected a number of 3D archery targets from Merlin Archery Centre including a Grizzly Bear, Turkey by Delta and Spanish Ibex by Imago 3D.

With Spanish Ibex high on my list of hunts, poor ‘Floppy’ was in for a bit of rough treatment! It’s the first time I’ve seen one of Imago 3Ds targets, and I must say they’re of surprisingly good quality, but both Wildy and I were a little unsure as to the accuracy of the ‘heart’ within the target area as it seems to sit a little high.

However, shooting at a life size 3D target certainly makes you think carefully about your technique and shot placement. It’s very clear on the target when arrows go awry.

I can highly recommend practising on 3D targets to anyone who is thinking of going bow hunting. Make sure you select a target of similar size to your chosen quarry and always at longer distances than you intend to shoot – just in case!

I’ll be hunting Axis deer and Mouflon with Arrow One Ranch in Maui. The weather in Maui is mild at this time of year, with the temperature around 29°C with the chance of showers.

Not only do I need to check my bow set up, but I’ve had to carefully select my clothing for the conditions. Maui is a beautiful island with a tropical climate. Here temperature control is essential.

I’ve selected 2 different outfits to take with me, for different reasons.Firstly is my ‘warm but showery’ kit. This comprises Mad Dog Growler Jacket, Garlands 6 pocket cargo pants and Swedteam Short sleeve technical T shirt.

The other option I’ll be taking is my awesome Creep Fleece Jacket & trousers from Swedteam. As the name suggests, the Creep jacketand trousers are made from a from lightweight fleece and is completely silent.

The Creep Fleece is at home in both the cool early mornings and heat of midday making it perfect for bow hunting in tropical climates.

In addition to the two clothing options I’ll be taking my Danner Jackal GTXII boots, Primos 3/4 Facemask and Hunter’s Specialties unlined spandex gloves

Maui is a very green island and as such I need a camo pattern with extra foliage. In this environment there’s only one choice – Realtree APG.

Realtree APG ™ or ‘All Purpose Green’ uses the same background as Realtree AP, but with additional leaves and olive accents – ideal for more heavily foliaged areas. Realtree APG is lighter, more open and more neutral-toned than other similar patterns.

Tomorrow my other new travel companion will be arriving tomorrow – a brand new AYA No.1 double rifle in 9.3x74mm, courtesy of Edward King of ASI. A beautiful hand made rifle that I’ll be taking to Hawaii and on my international hunting trips over the next year. I’ll post pictures tomorrow 🙂

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