Getting ready for my turkey hunt with Pine Ridge.

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I’ve had an incredible day. I was sad to leave my Princess, who had to fly back to the UK, but my flight to Atlanta from LAX with Delta was smooth and comfortable.

Despite our late arrival at 12.30am, the ground staff at the fabulously modern Atlanta Airport were incredibly friendly and helpful.

I managed to get a super discount on a larger, more comfortable car from Avis and the Holiday Inn Express was clean and comfortable with a huge bed. Not a bad start!

On my way from Atlanta Airport to Pine Ridge Hunting Plantation, I stopped off at Realtree HQ in Columbus, Georgia to say hello and pick up the shotgun I’ll be using on my hunt.

It was great to see so many of my Realtree family, particularly as I got to finally put a few names to faces! I enjoyed a trademark Georgia Barbeque lunch (thanks Lynn 🙂 then it was off to Fort Gaines.

At this time of the year Georgia is covered with lush green foliage. This backdrop calls for a pattern with green leaves and accents – Realtree APG.

I’ll be hunting Eastern Wild Turkey. Like other turkey, they have incredible eyesight and are widely thought to also see in colour. Complete camo is essential to ensure concealment.

Unfortunately my Benelli Vinci is in Realtree Max-4, but luckily Realtree’s International Licensing Manager Nolen Sweet kindly offered to lend me his Remington 870 Magnum pump action shotgun in Realtree APG.

That completes my Realtree APG equipment, which is as follows:

I’ve got to be up in 4 hours so we can start our first hunt before it gets light. I’ll be sure to keep you posted with developments as they happen!

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