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Team Wild TV expert Jean Galoppin shares one of his greatest bow hunting trips, on the trail of a mighty stag.

The day of the hunt started early with a hearty cooked breakfast, I then loaded my truck with all the hunting equipment needed for a successful day.

I arrived at the hunting location and went through the usual safety procedures, before any hunt I always make sure my equipment is 100% ready for the task ahead. I positioned myself lowdown on a hillside, behind a tree that would supply the perfect amount of cover.

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Suddenly the sound of loud horns bellowed through the woods, soon after came the loud barks of the hounds, the hunt was underway. Moments later, in the distance I spotted several dark figures that could only resemble a herd of stags, deer or fawns. However, my delight was shattered as they shifted in the opposite direction, despite the disappointment I still prepared for the shot, sadly the opportunity had passed. As I waited anxiously the weather soon changed and became blustery. Fortunately, I was well equipped in my Outfox Soft Shell outfit, durable and comfortable it contains ergotarn membrane that blocks my human scent, perfect for hunting.

As I kept my position I heard the gentle cracking of trampled wood and leaves. I had expected to see a beautiful doe leader paving the way for the rest of the herd. However, to my surprise it was an enormous Stag with huge antlers. I aimed my bow at the chest of the king as he headed towards me… with the release of the arrow followed a loud thud, he crashed to the ground. The rest of his herd started chaotically bucking and darting in a mad panic.

I followed a stream where my trophy had fallen. The closer I got to my game, the faster my heart raced. When the trackers finally arrived they were amazed by the size of my achievement, a truly successful hunt.

I was just metres away from the fallen stag, at first I didn’t realise the whole picture but the sun showed off his impressive antlers, horns were even, they were huge, it was amazing! He was a fantastic Stag. Kneeling in the muddy grass I inspected the game, he was so majestic, so extraordinary, I was hit with a mixture of emotions, both joy and sadness. After counting his fourteen horns I let the guys take him away, he certainly was the stag of a lifetime.


The hunting gear that I used to take out the stag was a Bowtech Destroyer 350 Bow with 70lbs of draw. My arrows were Carbon Express Mayhem Hunters, equipped with vanes bohning blazer 2” and not a single arrow was broken during this hunt. I was wearing Outfox Soft Shell clothing that was great for hunting as its membrane blocks the human smell and the quality is fantastic.

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