Hunting Beceite Ibex in Spain

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We join Team Wild TV expert, Ian Harford as he travels to sunny Spain. Ian sets out across the rough terrain to tackle the mountain tops on the hunt for the illusive Beceite Ibex in his Realtree Max-5 camo.
Ian Harford’s magnificent Gold Medal Beceite Ibex.
A successful ibex hunt requires careful planning and a clear strategy.
Beceite ibex choose to live in remote locations and you need to cover vast areas to find the right animal to hunt. The environment is beautiful but extremely challenging.
Designed for active hunters in a multitude of environments, I find the Deeerhunter Muflon set offers great versatility ā€“ whether Iā€™m sat in a high seat, or stalking a forestry area.
Once spotted through the binoculars you must clearly identify the age of the Ibex to ensure it is suitable. A 12-13yr old billy is the ideal animal to hunt.
Meticulous preparation and a carefully orchestrated stalk is essential to get you into the right position to take a shot but the work is not over yet.
Taking such a magnificent old animal is truly a privilege and for me is an emotional experience.
I enjoy hunting with good friends who appreciate that effort and dedication are required to yield rewards.
This beautiful old billy has served this mountain well passing his strength into the herd. But now it is time to move over and let a new generation through to strengthen the gene pool.
Hunting with those who share your passion and values is an important part of the experience.
Even after the hunt there is much work still to be done.

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