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Team Wild TV Young Gun Callum Burns takes us back in time to his first hunting experience.

Being introduced into the hunting world with no experience is very daunting. Therefore I believe your first time shooting or hunting will make or break this wonderful sport for you. You need to go out in the best weather conditions, with the right person who knows the sport and can show you the ropes. This is crucial to any good first hunting or shooting trip.

My first hunting trip was when my father took me into one of the local farmers fields with a single barreled bolt action .410. Too me it looked like it has just come out of WW2 well to be honest, it probably had. Anyway, before we got into position my dad gave me a lecture on how a gun isn’t a toy. I believe it is crucial to get this in your head as soon as you start, health and safety is key.


So, after going over health and safety we began to walk up the field. My dad told me to stay really quiet and tell him if I saw anything. About 10 minutes later I spotted something moving in the grass, hopping about rapidly, it was a hare. I told my dad and he began to sight it, for one minute it felt like the earth had stood still.

He then fired the gun. However, my dad’s eyesight isn’t as good as mine and he missed by a fraction. Even though we had missed our hare, I learnt so much from this day and it was a brilliant way to be introduced into the sport.

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