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We catch up with Team Wild TV expert and night vision specialist Paul Hodson. Paul highlights some of the challenges he faces, his motivations and reasons behind his passion for pest control.

What do you enjoy most about pest control? – The satisfaction of knowing that we are doing a great job for the farmers and how much they appreciate the hard work that goes into it!

What got you into pest control? – My uncle teaching me the ways of the countryside. He had a smallholding and had to keep rabbits, rats, fox, pigeons and crows under control. Otherwise no food to sell no income!

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What is your favourite rifle to use? – I love my Tikka .204 for foxing fast, flat and very quick! My favourite rimfire is my .17HMR for bunnies and my Air Arms S510 for rats and pigeons. I own two rim fires and 5 centre fire rifles and two air rifles.

Is pest control easier during the daytime or night? – Much easier at night as most if the quarry are nocturnal. Although in the day you don’t need so much equipment.

What was your most challenging pest control experience? – Shooting in a cow shed with 300 milking cows and trying to shoot feral pigeons whilst being buffered by very curious animals! Not for the faint hearted.

In your time running pest control, what have you found to be the toughest animal? – Fox with out doubt! Clever, learns very quickly and incredibly cunning!

Paul Hodson

How do you prepare before you go on a pest control job? – Ask questions to the person who has the problem. Learn where the pests are coming from. Use technology (Google earth). Learn you quarries habits! Make sure all your equipment is in top working order! Nothing worse than flat battery when you are about to pull the trigger!!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into pest control? – Join a group on Facebook! Ask questions. Be polite and curtious when asking for permission to shoot! But most of all enjoy what you do! But remember, pest control is a messy business. Be compassionate to your quarry!

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