Clare crawls her way to a trophy White Blesbok!

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The sun was about to start setting for the day making the sky orange with warmth.  Red sky at night, shepherds delight, I whispered to myself as we spied the herd of Blesbuck on the horizon that we had been watching throughout the day.

One of the main breeds of South African plains game I was hunting for, one I had studied at length to learn about their territory, their herd behaviour, and their breeding patterns.

Earlier in the day we had managed to stalk to within 50yds of them but I couldn’t get a ‘safe shot’ on the very handsome White Blesbuck.

Climbing out of the Jeep with every care not to make a sound we started our journey down the beaten track into the bush.

“We are going to stalk around this copse, bringing us out at the bottom of this ridge, we are then going to crawl up that side of the valley towards the horizon” whispered Clint.

“Ok” I breathed in reply.

I was hoping that my Realtree APG hunting clothes were that effective, as when we crawled up the other side of the valley towards the horizon, all we had for cover was long grass!

I’m not sure I was quite the crawling racing mouse Clint was and more like a half-crawl, half-drag with my rifle lumbering snake that just ate the mouse!

I’m sure one day I would get slick at this crawling with enough practice but for now, it is what it is!

Making the walk-crawl across the open plains, once in a while Clint would glance round and immediately I would ask if they were still there, not looking up to show my shadow in the almost set sunlight.

Crawling over the horizon, I was certain we had missed our opportunity, but there he stood, how stunning he looked.

Clint and I set our position, I was opening the Harris HBR bipod as quietly as possible, I laid down and positioned the rifle in front of me while taking a deep breath to calm my breathing and the increased heart rate that was beating in my ears!

Amazingly he didn’t know we were there, he knew something was amiss but he couldn’t quite figure out what it was!  I knew he couldn’t smell us as the wind was blowing in the opposite direction, it showed how effective my Realtree APG clothing was!

The herd were migrating closer to the tree line to get set for the night, but my White Blesbuck just looked and stared not quite making out what we were, I lined up my sites and waited for the whisper from Clint “175yds, it’s safe to shoot when you are r….,” BANG!

“Ready?” I said. 😉

Still looking through the scope while opening the bolt and re-loading, I could see that my White Blesbuck laid where he stood only moments before.

Congratulating me on the accurately placed shot, Clint suggested we hurried before we lose the light.

The sunset offered enough light for our photo’s before setting as we drove back to the farm to be warmed by the fire and a Jaegermeister or two for our customary celebrations of a successful hunt!

Clare’s white blesbuck hunting gear:

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