Wildy’s World: Another red stag season starts with a bang – or two!

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Steve ‘Wildy’ Wild gives his account of the first days red stag stalking of the new season – but with a little added pressure!

It’s  7:30pm on a very warm august evening and for once Killer was on time! Mr H had given his Realtree Barbarian some stick all the way back from Lowther Castle to rendezvous ‘Casa de Wildy’ before we set off to one of my favourite beats hoping to catch up with a red deer pricket .

As it’s spring I chose my Swedteam Creep Fleece jacket & pants in Realtree APG, which didn’t go down well with the other guys as they’d gone for Rivers West gear in Realtree AP!

Along with all of the the usual kit we take with us, Ian also had his new video camera which I joked that the deer would smell before we get off the drive!

After stopping off for our customary supper of fish and chips, it wasn’t long before we were stood in the derelict farm yard, rifles out of there slips and under loaded – all being filmed by our resident Steven Spielberg (who is pretty good as it happens!!).

We moved forward to where I’d been watching the deer over the previous few weeks as they left the sanctuary of the wood to gorge themselves on the field of potatoes.

We took up a position at the edge of the farmyard, which offered an ideal vantage point to film the entire field. We maneuvered a couple of large round bales for us to hide behind and took up watch.

I began giving my commentary as to where the deer have been coming out, where they will emerge and how they’d make their way down the field to where we will take the shot right there.

How wrong was I! As the saying goes “Never work with children or animals” and here was a perfect example of why.

As I glassed the wood line I spotted a pricket 400yrds to the right of where I said they would come out on his own gobbling down King Edwards as fast as he could go!

After watching him for 10 to 15 mins it was clear he wasn’t planning on moving any closer – just staying around the same spot.

Then Killer noticed something wrong with the deer “Steve, he has a damaged head with only one antler. I think you should try and take him”

After a brief war council we decided that I would try and get a bit closer. Due to the amount of vegetation on the field I wouldn’t get much closer without spooking him – only about 20-30yrds or so.

As I crawled along I could almost feel the camera rolling! The pressure was on as he lifted his head chewing away. I lined his neck up in my cross hairs, I held my breath and squeezed the trigger.

As I did, he suddenly dropped his head and the shot thudded in to the bank behind him! “Bugger” I said or words to that effect!

Then he lifted his head again as if to say “what the heck was that?” My second shot found home and he threw his head in the air and  slumped back on his haunches. That as they say was that!

We loaded him in to the truck and set off back to get him dressed out at the slaughterhouse. Of course the topic of debate was whether he moved his head or did I snatch the trigger… I’m sure the video will support my version when it’s edited next week!

Of course the banter was as fierce as ever, but as always it was all good fun – and of course all pointed in my direction!

It wasn’t long before  he was hung in the chiller and we were back at Team Wild HQ having a beer – telling any one that would listen about “Wildy’s lucky shot”- Yes boys, another ‘lucky’ shot !! 😉 Dunna miss – WILDY

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  1. Well done steve, good account and at lest you got one more shot off than Keith . Its always good to take a practice shot first then you know where to aim next time. 😉

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