Killer’s Corner: Heads or Tails? Sometimes even when you win, you lose!

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Keith ‘Killer’ Anderson enjoys his first outing of the red stag season, but a little later than he was expecting…

OK. So after tossing a coin in the pub on Saturday night to see if myself or Wildy would be shooting on the Tuesday it turned out that I was going to have to wait it out and Wildy was shooting first….That was after me winning the toss…Twice!

Still, I didn’t want to see the big lad stamping his feet (again!) 😉 so we went up on the Tuesday and watched Wildy drop a nice pricket at 208 yards (with his second shot 😉 ) ranged on the awesome Zeiss 10x45RF T* range finding bino’s loaned to me for the evening by Mr H.

It was a great start to the season, a good shot by Wildy, a nice animal harvested and all caught on film by Ian.

Thursday evening was Killer‘s turn to be in the limelight! We headed off at 19:30ish ‘Killer Time’ and stopped off as always at the chippy. Fish and chips twice in one week? I’m going to have to start going to the gym if this carries on!

We arrived at the farm with plenty of good light. As we were getting the guns and camera equipment out of Ian’s Realtree AP Barbarian, Wildy clocked a hind stood on the far bank.

After quickly scanning the field with his Zeiss bino’s, Wildy could see there was also a pricket stood over to the right of the hind that began to walk up and away from our direction – probably last season’s fawn still following it’s mother.

With Wildy spotting and giving a running commentary I was soon loaded and ready to go. Edging round the field we kept low and moved in behind a bank of silage bales that would give us cover and allow us to think up a game plan.

“Ok Ian, whats the plan”? I asked.

“Well Killer, you’re going to go over there in a minute and shoot one of those deer on the bank and I’m going to film it” replied Ian with a smirk, adding “no pressure”.

Talk about asking a silly question!

In all seriousness we knew we didn’t have much time as the hind had watched us all the way to the bales, so I set off breaking cover with the hind watching my every move.

My Rivers West Field Pro Smock in Realtree Max-1 blended pretty well with the surrounding  potato field which was awash with different shades of green.

This was largely due to some of the spuds dying off whereas other areas still had a lush green colour. I didn’t want to chance my luck by stalking in too close and creating a lot of noise so decided to lie down and take the shot.

With the pricket stood facing me on the bank I waited for him to lift his head clear of his body – I didn’t want to risk the shot passing through the neck and on into the chest and stomach cavity of the animal wasting valuable meat.

I didn’t have to wait long and he held his head up high for the last time, a 123g Sako Gamehead round in .308 calibre saw to that!..

I really enjoy shooting the .308 with the lighter grain bullet as it still flies fairly flat and fast – with devastating stopping power.

We retrieved the deer from the bank and ranged it at around 200 yards, loaded him onto the back of Ian’s truck and set off for home.

Back at the game larder we dressed and weighed the deer which weighed a respectable 130lb.

One permanent incisor erupted told us that the animal was about 12-18 months old which would mean that an animal in this condition and age would be great for the table.

A wash down of the truck and larder and it was off to HQ for a well earned pint.

All in all another great night out with Team Wild and my first deer of this season. 🙂

Now, have I forgotten anything in my write up?….nope – I definitely put the bit in about Wildy taking two shots to bag his deer on the Tuesday! 😉

Happy hunting!


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