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Ian Harford and Stag at Dalnacardoch
Ian and his stag at Dalnacardoch in the Scottish Highlands

We’re making good time on our journey back to Derbyshire following our epic highland stag stalking adventure. As is usually the case with ‘Team Wild’ not only did the stalking prove successful, but we also had a cracking time.

I love my shooting, and a successful stalk is one of the most awesome feelings in the world, but i’m definately one who likes to enjoy the social side of my hunting too. Those who know me will certainly understand what I mean!

This weekend was no different, and as usual it wasn’t planned. As a favour to Graham Christie of Dunmhor Sporting, who arranged our trip, we gave a lift to Robert Buxton and his lovely girlfriend Anna, who were also stalking at Dunlacardoch.

After what was our second day on the hill we all met up at the larder to talk through the days stalk, and chatted about life over a beer. We then met up again over dinner and enjoyed a few hours of story telling and humourous banter, and maybe just a little too much of the top shelf!

Now we’re making arrangements to go shooting together in the future, and enjoying the start of what promises to be another lifelong friendship. I live in Derbyshire, and Robert in London. We met up in the Highlands of Scotland through a shared passion, without which our paths would likely never have crossed.

Historically i haven’t really thought about it that often, but increasingly I’m recognising my interactions with the wider shooting community as one of the most rewarding aspects of my shooting career, and one I’m very much looking forward to continuing in my upcoming travels around the globe.

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