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Date: June 7, 2012

Ian’s Great Wall Adventure in South Africa begins!

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It’s been a busy week, but not with my own Steed! I’m in South Africa with Nduna Hunting Safaris, where we hope to secure a number of ‘world firsts’.

I’ve been sent the very first Benjamin Rogue .357 big game hunting air rifle to hit the UK so I can put through it’s paces in the veld.

I’m also trying out my new Ruger No.1 rifle and Hornady Dangerous Game Series .450/400 Nitro Express ammo prior to my buffalo, hippo and crocodile hunt in Mozambique this August. So you could say that we’re going to be busy!

I’m also trying out my new cameraman Dan Harris. It’s a little different from his usual filming environment and he’ll have to pick things up quickly.

Dan has worked with a number of up and coming bands creating their music videos and pitches for recording contracts. He’s used to high quality production, but perhaps not in the extreme environments we’ll be traveling through.

His first ever video was my ‘First Drive’ review of the Great Wall Steed, which can be seen on our YouTube channel. But it’s not just cool rifles I’ve been given for the trip.

Great Wall Motors South Africa have kindly loaned me a brand new Steed to do the hard miles for us! It’s a slightly different spec from the ones here in the UK, but the build quality and specification is exactly as you’d expect – awesome!

Here’s the shiny new Steed that was waiting for me in Port Elizabeth when I landed. However, it’s not going to look like this for very long!

Africa has been a graveyard for many an under performing pick-up and we’re planning on seriously putting it to the test.

We’ll be creating a ‘no holds barred’ video review of how it performs in the bush. See it soon on Team Wild TV!

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One Response to “Ian’s Great Wall Adventure in South Africa begins!”

  • Peter M.

    July 27, 2012 at 3:47 am

    I just watched that video of you… Hunting Monster Rabbits with the Benjamin Rogue .357, and liked it so much that stayed hooked for 2+ hours watching your vids, and just suscribed to your Youtube Channel. Also I’m very anxious to see the review video of how the Steed performed!