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Team Wild’s intrepid Varminators Steve Wild and Keith Anderson spend a great day rough shooting in the Derbyshire Dales

We feel quite privileged to do what we do as part of Team Wild. Not only do we get to hunt in some of the coolest locations but we actually relish the thought of getting out there and doing the other jobs…..the ones that most people hate.

Most of the people reading this however will be likeminded and would agree that a good night on the lamp after Charlie, or a session up the farm with the air gun going after rats, is right up their street. So, if the farmer or the local pest controllers haven’t got the time to do it, we step in!

Find us at any of the gamefairs and you can be sure that you will find us engaged in meaningful discussion on the subjects of pigeon shooting, ratting, foxing and rabbiting and so forth. There will, now and again be talk of hunting in some foreign and more exotic climate, but the majority of what we do is right here in good old Blighty.

One such example happened recently when we were asked by a good friend if we would help out with a problem fox. Big Steve of SPD Pest Control had been tasked to get rid of a very lamp shy fox on a piece of ground way up in the Derbyshire Dales.

And after looking at the job he decided the best way to tackle it would be to beat through the ground and form a couple of fox drives in the areas it was known to frequent. The farmer on hearing the plan told him that as it was towards the end of the season, we could also shoot any game we came across which  meant that Steve would have no problem in finding ‘volunteers’ for the job.

Five of us met up on a very cold but sunny Saturday morning, and headed off to the farm. As it was an informal type of affair, all but one member of the group turned up with auto’s…It all looked very continental!

A briefing by the big lad let us all know the game plan for the day and we were to start off at a small wood where the fox had been seen quite a few times, then we were to head off and beat through a large boggy patch of reeds which was where Charlie seemed to like to disappear into after being bumped up by the lamp.

Three guns lined the far side of the wood, and two guns with dogs were to enter the small wood and push through. I was one of the guns walking through and was working my Spaniel Bracken so was keeping a close eye as to how far out she was working when I heard the calls of “fox” ringing out in front, followed by a single shot.

I carried on pushing through and flushed a Woodcock which jinked off through the trees in front and again a single shot rang out. Now with the guns in sight, I could see the fox lying just inside the wood and couldn’t believe that we had gotten one straight away.

We hadn’t been out of the trucks five minutes and already had a Woodcock and probably the problem fox in the bag.

We then all lined out to walk through the reeds and pushed quite a few Snipe and more Woodcock out from here. The woodcock rose on the flanks, picked up into the wind and were gone in a flash. A perfect snap shot on a Snipe by Chunk, had Bracken off on her second retrieve of the day.

We moved off onto some moorland for the next drive and the dogs flushed two hares which were added to the bag by the sharpshooting of Steve.

The next drive was to be a long one, myself and Chunk were to walk the brook course and work the dogs along the banks either side. As we arrived at our starting point duck flighted off in every direction, every direction other than over me that was!

Chunk took a duck from a group of three that rose from the bank and then Wildy took another from the group as they passed high over him further downstream. A cock pheasant flushed by Brock was brought down by Simon who already had been crowned with ‘shot of the day’ on Charlie.

All in all, a great day was had by everyone, the dogs worked really well and everyone had a shot, the end result being one fox, one pheasant, two duck, two hares, a snipe and a woodcock, so a proper mixed bag!

To see all of the action, and more importantly, hear all of the banter on the day, tune into Team Wild’s Varminator show on



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