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We Join up with Team Wild TV expert and Gamekeeper Steve ‘Wildy’ Wild on a glorious day at his Wolseley Park Estate Shoot in Staffordshire. With just over three weeks to go until the first shoot Steve is in high spirits and itching to get going!


Feeding With The Spinner | Wildy has introduced his spinner, this allows Steve to distribute feed to the poults throughout his shoot and it’s also a little easier on the legs. In addition, feeders are strategically positioned to help push poults to the drives.


Getting Stands Ready For The Guns | Trimming, cutting back the hedges and maintenance, Steve has been busy preparing the pegs for the up coming shooting season. 8 stands in all, they’re strategically positioned around the shoot to make retrieval and handling of game as easy as possible.


Dogging In | Steve walks around the boundaries of his shoot to help contain the poults ready for the shooting season. Just two weeks off being fully grown the poults have started to develop their colours. Dogging in allows Steve to push stray pheasants from the boundaries back into the rides.


Walking the Edge | Steve says on an average shoot he can walk up to 20km. He does a fair amount of walking throughout a days work trying to contain the poults and making sure his shoot is in working order.


The Duck Pond | The ducks have expanded! Steve’s shoot is now playing host to some wild ducks. Since our last visit the ducks are now almost fully grown and flying well.


Feeding The Drives | As well as using the spinner to feed the poults Steve also feeds the drives. This is where ultimately the majority of the poults will be… hopefully.


Laying straw down and feeding the drives | Feeding the drives and laying down straw helps make sure the poults are feeding where Steve wants them to be. “The drives are starting to come along and they’re looking awesome. The poults…. They’re everywhere!”

Wildy shhot prep 3

Poult Protection | Steve still spends as much time as he can protecting his poults from predators. He has seen increasing amounts of fox around his shoot and he does all he can to make sure as many poults as possible make it to shoot day.

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