Shooting Pheasant and Partridge at Llechweddygarth

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Today on Team Wild TV, it’s another beautiful October morning and we’re back at Llechweddygarth shoot in Snowdonia.

It’s a magnificent day as the sun is shining brightly in the sky. With a slight wind, the conditions are ideal for shooting towering pheasants and partridge.

The first drive didn’t really go for Ian Harford, there were plenty of birds coming, unfortunately the wind through the valley changed directions and as the birds headed towards Ian’s fellow guns.

Challenging conditions on the first drive.

Although a little frustrating it is only the first drive of the day and Ian is happy to enjoy the incredible conditions. Ridgeback was the next drive that the guns have the pleasure of shooting. Now set up on peg number two, Ian was positioned right at the front of the line at the head of the drive, right into the valley.

This time Ian was successful in shooting some outstanding towering birds. For the high bird specialist down at the valley below, there must have been some of the most incredible shooting Ian has ever seen.

You can see all the hard work that goes into putting on drive pheasant and partridge shooting days like this. The beaters have come from miles, all the way across this land. Shoot manager at Llechweddygarth, Martin Lott runs through some of the drives at this historic location.

Nathan Little on his favourite drive.

We catch up with Nathan Little after the third drive as he explains why this is one of his favourite drives on this shoot as there are some seriously challenging and testing birds.

As the day comes to a close, Martin Lott discusses how the typography at Llechweddygarth has benefited the estate hugely. However, the wind and sun can sometimes work against them. The shoot offers something for everyone, although they do specialise in high birds, they can cater your bag to suit your shooting style and requirements.

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