Why is it I Enjoy Other People’s Shooting as Much as my Own!

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It’s a strange thing really. A mixture of excitement and enjoyment, with maybe just a little envy mixed in 😉 Maybe its because we’ve already experienced the emotions ourselves and just want to be part of it again? Maybe it’s because we know that everyone who treads our path make our community that bit stronger?

Who knows, but I’m really starting to enjoy other people’s shooting discoveries. I wasn’t present today because of a severe bout of man-flu 😉 but young Dan Brack took his first ever pheasant at the Kelmarsh Hall shoot, and we’re all very proud!

I wasn’t the only one who was excited, my wife Clare text me several times to relay the story and even forwarded a photo so I could load it up onto Facebook for everyone to see! It sort of reminded me of the excitement I saw in her eyes when she shot her first ever white pheasant at Kelmarsh back in January. As I remember it cost about £100 in fines to the Air Ambulance!

It may not necessarily be their first time ever – perhaps it’s just something different, but there’s something very special about being part of someone else’s journey of discovery. In some ways it could be described as ‘living vicariously’, but I like to think of it more as sharing our experiences.

I think it’s also a two-way street. After all, we all to be praised and accepted by our peers, and who doesn’t like to be told by someone more experienced that they ‘did a good job’?

I’ve been present at a few firsts this year including Mike Barr’s first hunting safari in South Africa, Steve Wilds first Highland Stag, Cody Well’s first bull elk and Richard Lee’s first ever rabbit. This is in addition to a number of firsts myself.

But I have to say, I did enjoy their triumphs as much as my own. I know those looks, and I have felt those emotions. Would I have them again? For sure – as long as it didn’t deprive someone else of theirs.

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