Isuzu and Hawkeye Falconry Flying High

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Delighting the crowds at prestigious venues up and down the country, the Hawkeye Falconry Team is a regular attraction at Country fairs and shows nationwide.  Through their impressive Birds of Prey and Falconry displays the team has accumulated a loyal following, attracting huge crowds wherever they appear.

Attending the events and the logistics involved is by no means an easy task but thanks to an exclusive and unique partnership with pick-up specialists Isuzu, the team and their exhibit can travel in comfort and style thanks to the provision of an Isuzu D-Max Yukon.

Since the start of the year the Hawkeye Team have travelled over a staggering 20,000 miles with the Yukon D-Max really holding its own both on the motorway and over the challenging terrain of the Shropshire Hills, from where the team are based.

Impressed with the handling, traction and comfortable driving position, Chris Neal from Hawkeye also said “The Yukon looks very impressive at events and attracts a lot of interest, but its practical too; returning 38mpg on short journeys and 42 mpg when travelling further afield.  The 6 speed gearbox really excels on the motorway and given the mileage that we’ve done to date, it still drives like new.”

Watch the review on the Isuzu D-Max or visit Isuzu to find out more.

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