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Outfox clothing are proud to announce that they will appearing at the Highclere Gamefair this year.

Manufactured by well-known premium brand Schöffel, their clothing sets new boundaries when it comes to combining quality and features.

The clothing is well designed and well thought out. It has been designed by hunters to be used by hunters, and this is apparent as soon as you inspect any of their range.

Things such as rifle sling anti slip pads, to prevent your rifle from slipping off your shoulder.

Bullet pouches within the pockets which detach and can be worn outside of the pocket for easy access.

High backed trousers to protect the kidney area from the elements.

Scope cleaner cloth built into a pocket to ensure that you will always have a means of cleaning your scope.

Outfox Tick Lock which is a sheath sewn into the liner of the trouser leg below the knee and prevents ticks from attaching themselves to the skin after crawling up the legs.

Numerous pockets to accommodate phones, radios, pocket knives etc.

Add to this impressive array of features, that the Outfox clothing is totally waterproof, windproof, warm and hard wearing and you have a fully comprehensive list of features to cover every aspect of hunting scenario that you may encounter.

If that impressive line up of features doesn’t grab your attention, then surely this one will?

Outfox have combined the incredible scent reducing Ergotarn system into their suits.

Every article in the Outfox collection featuring Ergotarn is fitted with a high-performance filter that adsorbs and reliably traps odorous molecules.

This is done by millions of tiny pure carbon beads laminated onto a durable polyester knitted fabric.

These beads adsorb any form of odour, and they do so in a purely biological way.

The advantage of this technology is the filter’s high level of air permeability, ensuring a high level of comfort when wearing the items.

This is better than simply blocking odours with film inlays that naturally lead to reduced air permeability in the fabric.

And in contrast to other scent-reducing materials, there are absolutely no health-related concerns or skin compatibility problems with the Ergotarn filter.

Now, I know that a lot of hunters may be offended by the suggestion that they need to use the Ergotarn technology to get up close and personal to their quarry but the Ergotarn is simply a feature of an already outstandingly well made, and well thought out clothing system.

Professional Deer Stalkers, Pest Controllers, Forestry Commission and recreational hunters alike can all benefit from the features mentioned,  making Outfox clothing some of the most advanced clothing in the world.

The range is available in plain colours with the Woodlands outfit being available in Realtree AP

Outfox also offer a range of gloves, hats, facemasks as well as shirts and underwear to compliment their suits.

So if you are looking for an outfit that is going to last, look good and keep you warm dry and provide scent reducing technology…..Outfox is the one for you!


To see the Outfox range of clothing visit our stand at The Highclere Gamefair.


Click on this link to visit the Outfox Clothing website.


To buy Outfox clothing visit www.teamwildoutfitters.com

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