Isuzu – Go Hunting with the D-Max Huntsman

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To celebrate the launch of the new Huntsman Accessory pack Isuzu invite fieldsports enthusiasts to ‘Go Hunting with the Huntsman’.

Isuzu have developed an exclusive new area on their website where you can follow the Isuzu D-Max Huntsman, harvesting the ingredients for a series of delicious recipes.

In the first episode, the Huntsman is on the trail of a wild muntjac deer, a key ingredient for a delicious venison meat ball dish. After a successful stalk, the ventilated load bed area in the Huntsman keeps the quarry cool, essential for retaining the flavour.

The recently launched Huntsman is extensively equipped and suitable for all types of fieldsports, perfect for the adventurous field sports enthusiast.

The load bed features two lockable drawers and two lockable storage compartments to keep firearms secure and out of sight, 17” all terrain tyres and low 4-wheel drive setting for muddy ground and a fixed ball tow bar for pulling quad bikes and game cart. The optional single or double dog box fits neatly above the draws in the load bed.

For night hunting the standard chrome features have been replaced with a black trim, grille and alloys to prevent light reflecting and alerting quarry.

The Huntsman accessory pack is priced at £5995 + VAT and is available for the Yukon and Utah models in Tundra Green Mica or Cosmic Black Mica.

For more information on Isuzu and the D-Max Huntsman Classic Accessory Pack visit


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