So it’s Farewell to my Homeland, I’m Going Home!

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Ian Harford in the US
Not the only good memory I’ll be taking home from my trip to the US.

I’m just about to board my flight back to the UK. Hopefully I wont miss this one! This morning didnt really go according to plan. I got up a little later that expected, and totally misjudged the time I needed to get to the airport. Not a great start!

Then I jumped into my Nissan Sentra for what was supposed to be a gentle 45 minute jaunt to Washington Dulles International Airport. And for around 5 minutes, it was just that. However, the long line of brake lights ahead of me indicated that we were actually in the middle of rush hour heading towards the nations capital. ‘Bugger!’ was my initial thought, or something very similar.

Luckily Clare was on hand back in the UK to help me along. Although my flight was late, I was still too late to check in, and ended up missing my flight. Then some incredibly cool stuff happened. I asked at the check in desk if they could change my flight as the delay was out of my hands, and they agreed! maybe it was my look of sheer desperation, maybe the twinkle in my eye 😉 Either way I was going home without having to book another flight!

Following this, I asked one of the supervisors if I could check my bags some 9 hourse early for the flight so I could relax in the departure lounge. Not only did he agree, but personally walked me through all of the security procedures, and ensured my bags were sent down ready for loading. This stuff just doesn’t happen!

My final stroke of luck came at the United Red Carpet Lounge. My credit card allows me access to Executive Lounges at airports across the world – but only if you carry your ‘Priority Pass’. Otherwise they’re quite within their rights to ‘give you the finger’. Luckily for me, Everyone at Dulles was feeling generous today, and I got whisked through to enjoy complimentary nibbles, hot and cold beverages and free wifi to pass the day surfing the net, and chatting on Facebook – and boy has it gone quick!

So before I head of to my departure gate, in good time to make my flight, I’d just like to wish the US a fond farewell, and express my gratitude for treating me so well at every step of my journey, even when I probably didn’t deserve to be. Whatever the rest of the world may think, there is still a spirit of kindness, compassion and generosity that threads itself through the American people. I very much look forward to coming home again soon!


  1. Found that too kindness and generosity to a lost or bewildered traveller, this time not in the USA but in North Africa (Morocco) and Turkey when I’ve travelled there, help being forthcoming even when language was a problem people still found a way!

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