Ian Harford and Steve Wild Hunting Team Wild TV

What started out as a group of friends sharing their hunting adventures through articles, blogs and video has now grown into a global family of hunters who share the same values and strive to share their experiences with the next generation of hunters.

Team Wild is about discovering the outdoors and broadening the horizons of our global hunting community – our family. We take our family with us across the globe to gain a better understanding of hunting practices and traditions beyond our borders. We show that no matter what the species or the method of dispatch, hunters the world over strive for the same thing – the ethical and respectful harvest of natures bounty.

Team Wild is proud to be part of the Realtree family and subscribe to the same values that have made Realtree hunters the most successful the world over. Our founder Bill Jordan sums it up perfectly “Family, Friends and the Outdoors.” What more is there to say?

Team Wild relies on a global team of respected hunters to take our family along on their voyages of discovery. Here’s who makes up the Realtree’s Team Wild Pro Staff:

Ian Harford

Ian Harford of Team Wild TV

Steve Wild

Steve Wild of Team Wild TV