Tick Bites On The Rise … Increased Deer Numbers To Blame?

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Recently the BBC published a news article highlighting a the danger of Tick bites, and the diseases that come with them, the most prominent one being Lyme Disease. Until now, being bitten and subsequently contracting a deadly disease was was rarely heard of in the UK and was seen as a much larger problem across the woods and heaths of mainland Europe. Not anymore!

Experts have warned that ticks – blood-sucking, disease-carrying arachnids – appear to be on the rise in the UK.


Richard Wall, professor of Zoology at Bristol University, says there’s no definitive data on how many ticks are in the country. Some areas have none. Others – usually woodland and heath areas – may have more than 100 per square metre. However, the general consensus among rural communities is they are on the up, largely as a result of the warmer and wetter weather (good breeding conditions) and the growing number of wild deer.

Lyme disease is treatable with antibiotics if it’s diagnosed early. But neurological problems and joint pain can develop months or years later if it’s left untreated. In the worst cases, it can be fatal.

The most common symptom is a pink or red circular “bull’s-eye” rash that develops around the area of the bite, but it doesn’t appear in everyone. Flu-like symptoms and fatigue are other noticeable signs of infection.

Public Health England says the best way for walkers & hunters to avoid getting bitten is to use repellent, wear light coloured clothes so that ticks can easily be seen and walk on paths and avoid long grass or verges. Dog walkers are also advised to check their pets as ticks spread other diseases as well as Lyme disease to animals as well.

Luckily for us hunters, one company has the perfect weapon against these pesky parasites, German outdoor clothing and accessories company, Outfox have be manufacturing an innovative range of clothing to combat the threat, caused by ticks. It is a range of clothing from various trousers and jacket designs, that include Outfox’s revolutionary and innovative Ergotarn and TickLock protection.

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The TickLock is a sheath sown into the interior knee that secures under the hell when pulling on the trousers. This shuts the door to ticks wanting to wander up the legs to make contact with the skin. Additional parasite protection is provided by the Ergotarn odour filter, since ticks scope out their victims primarily via scent!

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