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Everyone knows how important rifle maintenance is but many people are unsure of exactly how to ensure their rifle is maintained correctly.  This week Team Wild Expert Chris Blackburn of UK Gunworks takes us through the simple steps of basic rifle maintenance, leaving no corner unturned.

You have saved long and hard to buy the rifle your rifle of choice, keeping it functioning correctly is a pretty simple affair. Yet if the basics are missed you can easy ruin your pride and joy!

After say a rainy or damp night out on the spot light chasing foxes there are a few simple things you need to do before you go to bed. Starting with the outside, wipe the outside of the rifle over with a piece of workshop or kitchen roll to remove any moisture that will be on the surface caused by coming in from a cold night out into a warm house, then a wipe over with a good quality oil like KG 4,Proshot and Parkerhale etc (avoid WD40 for this application) is essential regardless of if it is a blue steel or a “stainless” construction.


A common misconception with owners of “stainless” rifles is they just don’t rust which they do on a very regular basis purely down to neglecting the basics.

Open your Butler creeks or remove the scope caps/covers so the condensation on the glass evaporates off.

Moving onto the bolt which I guess you will have removed by now?! Again a dry off and wipe over with a light oiled rag is enough. If the locking lugs are “dry” then the smallest amount of grease is perfect, again KG, Proshot and Bisley have products that are suitable.


The barrel itself just requires a couple of dry patches through to remove moisture from the bore again to help combat corrosion and a small dab of grease on the screwcut threads. Regarding mods ALWAYS remove them they are the single biggest killer of crowns, threads and barrels bar none. If we had £1 for every crown thats needed refinished due to the mod being left in placer over a period of time we would have a small estate in Scotland!!

The mod itself if it has a phosphated finish like a T8 or an ASE Ultra compact a wee squirt of GT85 or Duck oil on the outside and again in the bore of the front of the mod in the case of a T8 will add years to its life. We see from time to time the neoprene mod covers fitted to the T8, again these can and do hold damp which in turn will rot the mod from the outside in.


This may sound like a let of messing when you get in at night BUT in real terms less than 5 mins to do it must be better than paying for reblueing or recrowning etc?

Next time we will look at cleaning the rifle barrel properly for maxim accuracy, repeatability and longevity.

If you need any KG cleaning or maintenance products contact your local gunshop or have a look on our web shop here.

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