10 Top tips for pigeon decoying!!

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Team Wild TV Expert and Pigeon Shooting Leicestershire’s Matt Cole gives us his top tips for Pigeon Decoying.

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  • Find yourself good quality Hide Poles, cheap ones will bend on frozen ground! (Been there done that)!
  • Your hands WILL get cold which can become dangerous working the safety and trigger. It’s important to use gloves and a face mask, as you must cover your hands and face when pigeon shooting… pigeons have amazing eyesight and reactions. I use Realtree AP camo.
  • Working dogs get cold too! A nice thermal blanket will keep your decoying companion warm and dry.
  • Pigeons are flocked up into big numbers this time of year, putting plenty of decoys into the pattern makes this more realistic. And best of all improves your chances of a good days work.
  • At this time of the year I use 2/3 turbo flappers I find them more effective than a magnet (they’re also easier to carry)

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  • You can’t drive over the crops in winter so i use a large bag to fit all of my kit in making it one trip to my hide.
  • Lofting poles are a great piece of kit in the winter very effective in the trees when mounting your decoy against the bare branches
  • Setting off rope bangers in other areas around your land permission helps to keep the birds moving whilst protecting those other problem areas
  • At all times carry your; licence, insurance (I use BASC) and most of all a mobile phone.
  • For those little accidents (you can never be to careful) keep a basic first aid kit on you at all times.

To see Matt in action please click here.

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